Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Message from the Blogger: LIFE


When I woke up this morning, the sky was dreary and the clouds had gathered up to release unexpected rain drops. Unexpected partly because one, I hadnt watched this weeks weather report, and two the beautiful sunny skies from yesterday created this imaginary idea that today would be the same. And of course, as anyyoung person desiring an escape from current realities, I pulled the comforter back over my head and screamed "WHY?" at the now buzzing alarm clock which read 9a.m. Time for business. Ugh.

For some reason, rainy days often leave us in a somber or meloncholy mood. For me, it reminds me of a slow death and when the sun finally returns again, this becomes a signal of a rebirth. HOWEVER...we must also ask ourslves, why is it that it seems everyone stops living at the ultimate capicity that their capable of on days like this? People start looking for excuses to call out of work for and cars start moving at turtoise paces. I dont even dress the same when it rains! Its as if my brain goes on recharge mode and the colors I lean toward depict my ever somber mood.

I got out of bed and threw on an outfit that any average person would say was conservative. Extremely conservative. Black tights with a black pencil skirt, and a grey and black striped wrap around sweater hugging me. My hair was pulled back without a hair out of place. The only dazzling thing about my look was of course...my gold accentuated jewlery! I LOVE jewlery!

Well, needless to say, after picking out 14Karat gold rectangle earrings and a beaded gold plaited bracelet, it was up to the right gold chain to set it all off and thats when i saw it. The vintage gold enamored Hebrew symbol of LIFE (seen in above photo).


Winstar Machine Embroidery Designs's site said:

"This symbol, commonly seen on necklaces and other jewelry and ornaments, is the Hebrew word Chai (living), with the two Hebrew letters Chet and Yod attached to each other. Some say it refers to the Living God; others say it simply reflects Judaism's focus on the importance of life. Whatever the reason, the concept of Chai is important in Jewish culture. The typical Jewish toast is l'chayim (to life)."

In essence, I figured, what if this special artifact that I picked up from a flea market could give me that extra boost fused with spirituality? I think believing in something is an AMAZING feature about humanity. GOD is real and he is in all of us.

So I carried LIFE with me to work and

it turned out to be just

a really

Never leave home without LIFE tucked in both pockets if you can help it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

HoneyB feat. The WizeGuyz

Its ME! Bintu AKA Honey b.....Doing my interview thing....MY very first time doing a camera interview but it was so much fun and there will be many more to come!!!!

PHILLY Cheese Steaks & Much More!!!

Im Baaccckk! However the four hours it took me to get back to D.C. from Philly definately left me feeling a tad bit jet lagged (and I didnt even fly!)

Holiday traffic can be such a drag whether you're the driver or simply at best..the rider (Moi!)

It does feel excellent to be back but I still havent unpacked because it seems to be a tradition of mine letting the stuffed suitcase sit in a corner for a week while I reminise about my latest adventure or rather avoid the menacing task of putting everything back into it's rightful place. Oh how I dread yet love it all the same!

PHILLY....lets just say you SHOWED OFF! I had a blast! It began with Turkey Time. Thanksgiving was AMAZING and oh so fulfilling. I got a chance to visit my uncle's recently renovated home and his new wife had her wonderful parents visit and they brought fresh homemade banana bread. I LOVE banana bread! Then I unbuttoned my pants and made my rounds.

On Friday evening, my homegirl Tupu came to take me out....we were both going to try a new location in center city (116 S. 18th st. to be exact). The place was called


Can I PUHleez tell you how POPPIN Vango was for me?

First and foremost, Vango is a skybar and lounge. Downstairs you have the luxury of sitting at the bar or relaxing on leather couches for dinner. There is a seperate dance floor apart from all the rest with a pole located in the middle. SUPER FUN! If that didnt wet your appetite for more, just make sure you have a drink in hand, the only way to grant you upstairs entrance..and move onto the second level. WOW. There are beds made up in white sheets, draping, and of course...an open roof top to view the ENTIRE cityline. Any place that has a roof top makes me feel fancy and V.I.P. I danced all nite while ordering Pink Parties (ladies..absolutely to die for!). Oh and if you were wondering the crowd, VERY mixed for the 23 and up...grown and SEXY.

On Saturday, I ended my hometown stay with a very upscale birthday party thrown for a prominent Philadephia lawyer. Needless to say, my breath was taken away at the condo hosted all black EVERYTHING themed bash. The chef prepared delish crab cakes, chicken kabob, meatballs, ..omg! LITERALLY. There was even a special DJ playing all the hits frm MJ to Minaj...and I was Lucky to be apart of the festivities. My old college roomate even made a guest appearance and we danced and partied like there was no tomorrow.

Happy Times with Happy people.

The. End.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful requires nothing more than a little consideration for the tiny plus major things we are blessed with in our lives.

We often forget to give thanks due to the buzziness that sorrounds and takes a hold of us daily. Its unbelievable the way we take something as sweet and divine as breath itself for granted. Even the people in our lives deserve a special candle to be lit because of the generous and unconditional way they put up with our stinky attitudes and difficulties at times. Who knows what Im talking about?
All in favor say IIIIIIIII!

Yesterday's holiday was developed from kindred spirits and thankful hearts....

This season enjoy yourself with the people you love and care about MOST ....and if you cant be there, a phone call does WONDERS! As I playfully tell my children...GOBBLE GOBBLE & eat up!

There will be a lot of NEW changes and good results occuring within the next two weeks if you can stand it..HANG TIGHT!

My producer, Nicole of ModernVinylPictures has been doing some really cool and exciting work with me to develop my new interview series and I cant wait to share it with the world!

Honey b.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend ReCaP!

Yesterday was full of so much to do in the little time allotted. Lets see....

I had to work with the kiddies

Clean up the apartment

Pack for Philly

Do my lesson plans



& Entertain!!!!!!!

How did I do it all.......by touching the sky. Simple as that....!

But my weekend recap is still coming all the way from a special place!!!

First of all THANK YOU GOD!!!! for such beautiful weather this weekend...so serious I could have a heart attack.

On Saturday I utilized the autumn scene by engaging in a very impromptu photoshoot with a great friend and photographer...Hema.

Afterwards, I went on a Georgetown outting...BUY..BUY..BUY! lol.....stay tuned for FASHION FRIDAY when I give you some insight into the hottest trends out there for this Winter season!

Sunday came with some fun career achievements...I had my FIRST on screen interview and I cant wait to share it with you all after the Thanksgiving holiday...THANX Nicole!

I also lucked up and stumbled upon the EASTERN MARKET flea market.

Can you believe Ive lived in D.C. for 5 years and have NEVER been?

Check out these cool photos...

Amazing Art Work..

And beaded Jewlery! Ooh la la..

I also made some cool contacts..Shouts out to Ebony McMillian of Bermuda Triangle..the vintage stand she occupates at the flea market. Her finds are FABULOUS to say the least and simply amazing!
(see photos above)

Cant wait to work with her sometime soon *fingers crossed*

Monday, November 22, 2010

FAll Photoshoot

Change is a measure of time, and in the autumn...time seems speeded up. What was... is not, and never again will be. What is...is CHANGE. - Edwin Way Teale

Here are a few pictures from my FAll photoshoot with my dear friend Hema!!!

I had such a great time and the weather was simply BEAUTIFUL this saturday

This is my neighborhood...the BLOOMINGDALE section of NW D.C.

My Block.....the neighbors were delighted as I utilized their piles of leaves and trees!!

It was a happy time, I cant even begin to explain how blessed I felt to be given the opportunity before the leaves are gone due to the winter season.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


"If you want it, go for it...but if not, let it go without regrets."- Anonymous

Its the weekend!! Its the weekend!! There's plenty to be excited over. Not only did the weekend begin with the new Harry potter movie hitting theaters yesterday ; OH HOW I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Potter franchise!!!! There will be plenty of socializing opportunities in the metropolis area.

Today, my friend Hema blessed me with an AWESOME fall photoshoot (pics coming soon!)

Also, this sunday I will be filming my first on screen interview for the new website Im currently developing... HOT STUFF! If you are a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, & Scorpio) than you know that now is the definite time to put all our dreams and creative pursuits into action. Jupiter is in retrograde and its THE planet of good luck and expansion. He may be bringing new opportunities into our lives or even influential new relationships that will change everything forever!....Dont let the rest of November pass you by without taking ACTION! We're only days away from the Philadelphia takeover...where I will be blogging and having a great time with friends and family.

Todays quote has everything to do with EVERYTHING! Life is full of many uncertainties but one thing is for sure...once you capitalize on a decision...you must face any consequence head on either with a smile or wallowing in self pity and regret. Do not choose the latter however. Either you go hard for something or someone you believe in...or leave it in the dust and begin a new day. Decisions...Decisions...

Continue to strive to be phenomenal each and every day! I try to...in my own special way! lol.

Honey b.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Message from the Blogger: The Love Series!

Oooh Baby...

Put a smile on my face and light up my place....

everyday when you come my way

How is it that your kisses taste like marshmellows?

Wrap me in your arms and rest on our pillow

Everything feels so damn good

We have not a care in the world

The galaxies have created infinite possibilities

Ooooh baby

Is this how love feels?

I dont know but Im starting to really like it.

-Bintu "Honeyb." Kabba

Hi everybody!!! Its wednesday and I usually just throw up a honey b. letter (and its coming) but I wanted to use this as an opportunity to introduce you to a new series Im developing called the "LOVE series." I know...too cool even for some of you! LOL.

Yesterday I ran into my old head friend ROY....HEY ROY!!! I love this man for being too cool. A thing you Libras seem to penetrate and implicate nicely. Well, Roy was telling me how he's recently stopped dating a woman that he was involved with for TEN YEARS! Bang bang...and there goes the heartache and pain fully reloaded.

The lover in me INSISTED it wasnt over and to try again, however, ROY made one thing VERY clear.....HE tried to make it work many times along the way. He said to me with much certainty, "The key to making a relationship work is to do something DIFFERENT every day..." POWWW!

...................................Betcha didn't see that one coming folks.

So.... it hit me, why not create a web series for people falling in or trying to STAY in love? An outlet to generate creative ideas and romanticism all at the same time? Cool right?

Who says being romantic should only happen on February 14th? Not me!

I am LOVE's BIGGEST fan....just ask anybody who knows me.


(Stay tuned)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

WHAT a feel good song!! MIZZ Keri is back for her second LP and I gotta tell ya...I am excited because I see the progression in her career and I like where she's going with all this Pretty girl stuff....of course as you can see I AM one of em!

And its not just about looks to be pretty, its about posessing a pretty attitude to life and being able to inspire others by all that you do...

Remember all of that and ENJOY Keri's newest vid off her anticipated second album.


Honey b.

Monday, November 15, 2010


"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you."
-Deepak Chopra

If you havent been following you may not know that today is actually day 26 of Self Gifting!!!!!! How have you been spending the month blessing yourself? Has it not been such an exciting journey?

Sometimes when we take ten steps foward something happens and it seems we've taken a few steps backwards, has that happened to you along the way?

Celebrating YOU all month long should have taken on a whole new meaning! Yesterday I got to stay in bed all day on a work day (and still get paid for it!) due to my severe cold. You wouldn't believe it, but Honey b. has lost her voice and some of that charisma everybody loves due to the changing weather. So, my gft to myself was a day off to just REST UP! Sometimes thats all we really need is some TLC of ourselves.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful due to my cough coughs...lol..., HOWEVER I did celebrate my darling friend Maria's bday at the Macaroni Grill in Downtown Silver Spring! Shouts out to scorpio. I will be doing my Scorpio bday astrology profile this week so if you are a SCORPIO stay TUNED! The Macaroni Grill by the way is very cute and the ood is DELISH!

Thank you all for your well wishes as I am on my road to recovery....many new things awaits the buzz as we approach mid November and Jupiter retrogrades on November 19th. Jupiter is our planet of luck and expansion so many good things are coming into the picture....make sure you're alert to receive the opportunities (especially the water signs of PISCES...CANCER..& SCORPIO). SO if you have any new projects or new ventures and contracts, WAIT until after the 18th to give it the go head! You shall be happy with the rewards.

P.S. All Honey b. letters are responded to and posted on WED. If you or someone you know needs advice in their life, please feel free to email me at bkabba09@gmail.com.

Mo Betta Blues: A Short Story

**This is a short story I wrote while in bed yesterday fighting off my cold...I hope you enjoy!

Mo Betta Blues: By Bintu Kabba

Everything seems to hurt ten thousand more times now more than before when I could blame it on being young and niave and I didnt really know too much or have a general understanding of it all but, what about right now?
I couldn't say shit about it.

I knew when he asked to bring me soup it was merely a guise that would lure him here under false pretenses. I knew better than to give him my address. I even knew better than to open yet another door for him to enter which would be hard to close once he walked back out.

I knew all of this yet, I still needed him to be here.
It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to demonstrate my very own capability in nursing myself back to health again. But, I had somehow convinced myself that what he could do would be a hell of a lot better than any home remedy I could conjour up myself.

As uneasy as the thought seemed, I glided right into the idea and allowed his presence once again into my sacred domain.
Following my own heart was gonna get me into deep shit one way or another.
As he took those few steps in and laid down his over night bag in the corner, one thing was for certain....this wasnt the same man I had fallen in love with.

Stiffled by the nasal congestion and coughing, I fought back my fear that indeed I had invited a foreigner into my household.
"I cant believe it's only been a few months baby. Feels like only yesterday since we stopped fucking with each other."
Actually....it's felt like a lifetime.
Between the silent fits of tears at night and my blood shed pupils at lunchtime...its taken some getting used to I will admit, but in the end I got used to him no longer coming home.
To me.

I watched him with stern eyes survey my space.
Since the break up, I had down graded to a studio but it was quite cozy and very unique.
Each time he discovered something new or interesting about my apartment, I resented his movement as if he was disturbing the natural order of things.
In fact, I resented his presence all together but I was still unwilling to let him go,
Heavy coughs began to escape loudly from my chest.
"Are you okay baby?"
I wanted to say, " Im not your baby or anything else."
But instead, I responded,
" I'll be fine. This cold is just trying to take over my life."
Just. Like. You.

Ever since he left , he's been like a spreading disease trying to control my center and being. Making decisions that would forever change our lives.
My life. Selfish Bastard.
"Here sit up and eat your Won ton soup before it gets cold."
I do just that. Anything to keep me busy and from having to interact with him.
"Do you need me to do anything else?"
I shake my head no.
The cd player is jammin' with oldies but goodies and oddly enough Al Green's, Let's Stay Together comes on.

"Cause Im Still In Love With You"

I guess to get a reaction out of me he blurts out, "I know that's right!"
He doesn't know SHIT about being in love. Even I know that.
I turn off the music because I'm beginning to lose my taste for it.
And I decide to throw in mo' betta blues instead, one of my favorite Spike Lee joints.

It wasn't a coincidence that the main character in the film, Bleek, was having his way between two women. The only difference between Bleek and him was that Bleek never committed to neither women. He, on the other hand, used deception in the form of monogamy to keep one woman close and lure in another.
I wanted him to see and understand how much pain he was causing...but he didn't even care to watch.
So we turned off the television,put the cd back on again, and laid back.
Everytime I tried to maintain my distance in the bed from him he would come closer and aggressively pull me close. There was no getting away at this point. Even if I tried.

Bull shit. All of it was bullshit.

He tried to kiss my lips and I blocked it by turning over. I didnt want none of what he wanted to give me.
I just needed to be held for awhile.....
Everything seemed lost in translation.
His kisses felt foreign and forced and his touch seemed refurbished.
Just knowing that someone else was also dreaming tomorrows about him disgusted the lining of my stomach.
I fought with him for most of the night to regain my territory.
Until he won.
I finally fell asleep shivering and in a sweat while he held me close.
After all, I was still very sick.
In the morning...we made love, not like before, but it was still amazing.
I barely recognized the man but he knew his way around my body . He also understood which places to grip, what to taste, and how to groove me.

The only thing he didn't know was how to mend my heart.

When he left, I spent the afternoon praying for more peace and strength against my demon.
And I spent the evening crying over the nothing he left me with.

The End.

Friday, November 12, 2010


While many of you were still SNOOZING on Veterans day, I got myself up and went on a field adventure with my coworkers and students to the National Art GAllery (East Wing)
And here's Imane, my beautiful Moroccan coworker and fellow friend....

Art makes you go so deep in thought....isn't this painting pretty?

Fun times as you see....

Look at my little student staring at the painting while Im trying to pose for a pic! lmao

And here is a Matisse...very beautiful, you know how much I love blasts of color to brighten up any mood!

I found this to be SOO interesting! Chuck Close made this picture of his mother out of finger prints, 1985 oil on canvas ...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rihanna Does It Again!

Im not sure if it's the PISCES thing that we've got going on...but she is THE style icon for this generation and I love most of everything she wears especially since I would pick the pieces myself with my eyes closed!

Adorning this jaw dropping and amazing blush one embellished shoulder tulle and organza detailed gown from the Marchesa Spring 2011 collection..i guess she really was THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD walking into the EMA's..

I mean..really, this after party look for the EMA's was too chiq to go unnoticed..let's not forget sexy but very classy....The hair makes it so perfecto!

And I am SUCH a fan of the low cut backless mini....it makes people stop and stare. If you have a beautiful and strong back...you should FLAUNT IT!
Gotta LOVE fashion baby....

"I feel like if there is ever a time in my life when Im going to take a chance on ME, it's going to be right now. So I ve got to do it with a rested mind, a peaceful spirit and that fire in me that gives me the confidence to take chances.":
Nia Long

I am so happy these days and its not for all of the wrong reasons either...Im happy because Ive been spending a lot of time with myself and dedicating every second to enhancing my life and affecting others. I found todays quote in Monarch magazine that was handed out at the For Sisters Only convention featuring Nia Long on the cover. Many of you know Ms.Long as a famous black actress starring in films such as Friday, Love Jones, The Best man, etc. However what you dont know is that she has been my role model for many years and one of my style icons. I think this woman is beautiful inside and out and you can tell by how poised she is and how she speaks. Oh and she also belongs to the itty bitty lady commitee like me! LOL. When your 5 ft and under its sometimes hard to be taken seriously in a dog eat dog kind of world..but she remains focused and strong willed. Its very important for many young women to have these positive influences within the media, especially women of color. Okay..now that Im basicaly done gushing about Nia...

Lets all yell...Hip Hip Hooray for No work or school thursday! In honor of Veterans day. Often times we forget the reasons for having a day off but I say THANKS to all the veterans who fought for us during the war, many of which are living in poverty today....you have not been forsaken nor forgotten. In the true spirit of thanksgiving....THANK YOU!

Its wednesday and Im already booked for the weekend...isnt life simply AMAZING?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whatever you should be doing with your life...you've been doing it your whole life":

Dr. Loretta Standley

Ive been reading and researching my horoscope recently wondering if they can see what I ve actually have been feeling. Its almost as if the planets have aligned themselves to create this driving force within me motivated by my hunger to achieve all of my goals. Today, one of my horoscopes reminded me that although im on my career path, not to be too consumed with the desire for wealth but to focus on my spirituality and the rest will soon come.

How many of us contain these amazing ideas and seek our greater purpose? Its pretty hard to recognize what our true calling is and what we should commit ourseves too without wasting time and energy...but the truth really is, our true callings have been evident from the moment we were born...we just didnt know we were doing it.

In my heart of hearts I believe my purpse is to help many individuals feel good about themselves and to get them through obstacles they may not be able to face alone. I believe this due to my experiences and how God allowed me to feel less than human and wallow in my own self pity until I was raised out of the madness. .I was blessed with the gift of empathy and understanding for all human beings no matter how wrong ive been done. I chose psychology as a major in college to be able to professionally understand the human tendency and thought process. I also developed a blog to give insight into healthier practices for everyday living and being. So as I ponder and scratch my head about what I should be doing...I already know because Ive been doing it. No matter how tough things seem or how hurt and disappointed I am due to others, I ve learned (and am still learing) to lift my spirits up and start over to where I last left off..being even better than the day before.

Keep doing what you're doing and dont stop..I wont.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Recap!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

This was a FANTASTIC weekend! Maybe it was the aura set by the Black Girls Rock program on sunday, but it was really a Black Girls Rock weekend...

This is me staring @ My girl Shannon right before leaving to see "For Colored Girls" in Chinatown sunday evening...
Me and Ry heading to Georgetown after the FOR SISTERS ONLY networking event and Bar 7 happy hour...

My candid! Shannon wanted to try out her new Iphone 4 camera and I was glad to be the test dummy (good looking test dummy to be exact!)

At Mei N Yu! Georgetown. My friend Kofi bartends there so we were stpping by to show love!

FILM REVIEW: Tyler Perry presents For Colored Girls.

For Colored Girls Who Have Commited Suicide When the Rainbow is Enough..............

You couldn't possibly be serious. I sat in the movie theater with four friends to see THIS? The film that has been creating the biggest promotional buzz since slice bread hit the scene was not this...It just couldnt be. However, each time I blinked my eyelids to consume the overly emmotional display of theater....I knew that what I was watching was in fact For Colored Girls. Depending upon your own perception, you could have taken it all in as the catalyst for feminine empowerment or rather the voice of the black womans plight but infact it was merely an overdramatization of the tragedies faced commonly by women of any color. Okay, forget all that.. I was confused by a few things:

1. What time period were the characters in? Did the outdated word COLORED have to keep being throw around to further stigmatize upon our identities?

2. The dialogue kept making me feel as though I needed to be at a play instead of a movie theater..Did I?

3. Why was all this "stuff" going on that didnt really make the film flow effortlessly?

4. Did it really have to be that long? I was ready for everything to be over after the first hour and a half (okay...hour).

5. What exactly was I watching?

I am not an extremly tough critic however the greatest thrill for the film was Thandie Newtons ability not to be type casted and playing the mess out of her role. Also, Anika Noni Rose was a gem and is a hidden favorite. Janet was unimpressive and Whoopi was just....wierd.

Three honey pots would be generous so I give it two and thats for effort.

Watch at your own risk!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Join me and many other young, fabulous, and amazing women at the

FOR SISTERS ONLY event hosted at the Washington, D.C. convention center.

Tickets are $15 at the door

Artists: Monica, Faith Evans, Donnell Jones, Marsha Ambrosius and Cali Swag District.

Seminars, Give Aways, Vendors, Samples, Education, Health, Love, Sisterhood

This is my first time going to anything like this but I think its a great networking opportunity and very inspirational, especially for young women of color.

Can't wait to see you there with your beautiful smiles!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Message from the Blogger: Be What you ASPIRE to Be...

A friend of mine recently told me that while walking to class the other day, a message was sent to him as follows: Be what you ASPIRE to be. And right after he received it mentally, I called him up. He immediately knew that message was for me. Something, whether it be spiritual intervention or just a random thought......intended for the message to be handed over and used for nothing but the GOOD.

Of course when he told me, I wasnt shocked at all because it proved to be perfect timing considering all the ideas that have been running through my mental roledex. Battling with self confidence and lack of consistency has become the blueprint for unfinished projects but never a lack of ambition.

Sometimes the universe sends messages through our loved ones which are intended for ourselves and we must adhere to them. If I am to be what I aspire to be..than I must live, eat, sleep, and breathe what I am most passionate about. When they ask you what you do, tell them exactly what you know you're GOING to be doing.

I can say that I am a WRITER, TALK SHOW HOST, ACTRESS, and HUMANITARIAN. BUt it's never enough just saying that I am those things. We must live EACH DAY devoting ourselves to those areas that will increase our chances of truly becoming those things if we're not completly already. It's a reminder that its no longer good enough watching from the sidelines wishing we were already there....take action because we have ARRIVED.

We have the inner resources within us to change our entire lives....believe me.


Honey b.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Message from the blogger: Staying Hopeful

Yesterday was All Saints day. The day we remember those who have lived and passed on.....Did you say a silent prayer for those close to you. Gone but never forgotten....

My messages from the blogger are ALWAYS personal and so dear to me, but I had to really think about what I wanted to tell you all as November has crept upon us. Its a new month so we all should have a whole new outlook and perspective on life.

I most certainly do. I feel stronger...wiser...and more bold than ever before. Im doing more of what I want and taking time to just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Some days I reminise about the past...well I could think of it more as being nostalgic but it quickly subsides when I remember the promise for my life.

I guess what I want to tell you all is to not give up hope.

No matter what things look like...

No matter whats being done to you or said about you...

Just don't.

I face challenges and obstacles each day and frankly sometimes I just want to sit at home, hide, and cry all day...

But I can't.

I need me.

The world needs me.

Im so much like everyone of you. I bleed, I get so disappointed that its gut wrenching and I want to lose hope for all humanity.

But I know better.

I can feel all of us getting close to the truth.

And the truth will be our light to guide us into the wonderful times of our lives.

Stay BLESSED and dont be afraid to LOVE others....just know that you will be rewarded in some way at some other time.


Honey b.

HU Homecoming pics..PART I

Me and Ry...ALWAYS a team...whnever you see him....you see me....and vice versa baby!! The shoes Im wearing in this pic are from Bakers....my baby sis bought them for me...LUVS YA and LUVS IT!

I call this one..FLOWER POWER!!! I began homecoming withbright eyed hopes and dreams thurday night and went to the PArk @14th...

Definately HIPPIE CHIQ......Check out my Sam Edelman clogs (MUST HAVE FOR FALL!!) and foax fur vest....GROOVY.

TOO MUCH FUN! @RESERVE on Saturday...But isnt it always fun in V.I.P.?

Amani is tooooo much for me!

I just really like this close up if you guys don't mind...LOL...

these are samples...more to come......VIVA!




TRUTH or Dare....

I was inspired to write this on my way to work today....it's personal....but it's real...I hope you can dig it. I call it TRUTH or DARE.

I never wanted to live in the shadows of another person.
Didn’t think it would be me.
Yet here I am standing upon a mountain top looking down at the rest of the world but nothing makes sense.
Am I a living being?
Am I even breathing?
I observe the thin lines etched into the palm of my hand.
These are my life lines but death still feels upon me.
I remember everything as if it happened so suddenly.
The kisses upon kisses caressed into my face.
And the laughter ringing into the air. I caught a glimpse of the vapor just the other day as I stood still for a moment.
It’s like Im in a place where nobody knows me.
Nobody knows my name.
But he does. He just refuses to say it.
I cry out in anguish as he feigns mute ears.
I understand it would cost him everything

but, if he could observe closely
He doesn’t even have much of anything.
Just the falsehood that remains in the wings of the rapture…to come
"Then why are you mad?" They ask…
Im upset at myself for all the wrong things that occurred
Shaping love into some kind of object barely recognizable.
Do you see what this has become?!
For attention I react in ways frowned upon by divine intervention
I have no right to impose my views on those who see nothing wrong in this situation ..
But I still take the liberty upon myself to make them pay for the havoc which in the wee hours of the night creep in like a draft under my covers…
That me and him once shared.
So now what?
I can control only what lays within me…not in him
I hold on tight to the familiarity
Somehow, someway I know this much to be true
If there is an I in I LOVE YOU
Than I am of importance too…
I need to recognize that the answer is in I
I am the master of my ship however ship wrecked I may seem…
And I am the one who opened myself up to thee…
And I am a warrior fighting against the odds
See I….I may or may not be the woman in his dreams

which may be why I was left ripping at the seams..
I m climbing down from this mountain where I am without reach
To the rest of humanity which threatens me daily
But my hopes and aspirations lead me to believe something more is waiting for me down there..
Will he be waiting beside it?

Truth or Dare.

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