Monday, July 19, 2010

STYLE WATCH: Ladies of the Night....

There were two beautiful young women gracing the BUDDHA BAR scene Friday night and I almost couldn't take my eyes off of them in an admiring sort of way.

It began with their look. Sometimes when you spot a couple of women out, they try to conjour up a cohesive theme of what to wear for the evening.

HOWEVER, neither of these ladies had similar style, but both exuded the sexy confidence necessary to put any room full of men (and perhaps women) into a trance!

So just my luck when we were all invited for a night cap by a mutual friend to his home (that friend which I will tell you a little more about later).

We were formally introduced and I had to ask them one favor: "Can I take your picture for my blog? "

And they said Yess! Now I have the great pleasure of introducing:

Dominique Fire, age 28
Professional Lawyer

She paired a multicolored, ruffled inspired party dress with strappy wedged black sandals. I had several favorites about this outfit. Going with the theme, she carried a very feminine yet ultra sexy bun on top of her head. And she was not afraid to be a little eccentric with the feather earrings.

And to top it all off...just to make myself clear, Im nobodie's Label Whore by any means, but I can appreciate anyone who throws in a luxary brand designer in such a way that says "It really is just about fashion and not the name". Because this leading lady carried a bold Black Yves Saint Laurent signature leather clutch

Lauren Von Der Pool, age 25
Celebrity Chef

This beauty was swaying her hips in confidence to the rythm with a beautiful India inspired belly dancing skirt. Her top said, "Im free to do whatever I please" and that she was because it was a destroyed Bob Marley T-shirt cut up in the back and tied in different ways.

She accessorized minimally but her two ring BLING spoke in volumes.

And her curley hair set in a messy ponytail on top of her head was very, very fun!

No matter WHO you are or WHAT you do...remember that when you look good...EVERYBODY notices.

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